Zensei One

High performance remote monitoring system for Niche applications

Sense everything


  • Real time view in a Smartphone or browser

    Use your phone, tablet or computer to view the sensor data in real time from anywhere in the world.

  • View data in graphs and tables

    Information is presented in the best way possible to allow for easy detection of patterns, trends and possible issues.

  • Historic data (downloadable)

    Query past sensor data up to a year old.

  • Public API (for third party integrations)

    Using the Public HTTPS API it is possible to get all the data to be used in control systems or third party software.

  • Remote push and email alerts/notifications

    Receive a notification when certain values are out of range in real time.

  • Rule engine

    Configure limits that will trigger an action when reached.

  • WiFi / Ethernet / LTE / Sigfox communication options

    Different communication options for Internet connectivity

  • Wireless

    All sensors are wireless and simple to install

  • Low cost

    Affordable which makes them a great fit for some applications.

  • Customizable

    Some parts of the platform and hardware can be modified to meet the customer"s requirements.


Some sample applications that use Zensei

  • HVAC

    Detect faults early, monitor power usage and health of the installation and filters, provide remote diagnosis and troubleshooting to clients.

  • Datacenters

    Detect and record access to the site, out of range temperature and humidity, power outages, voltage spikes and power usage.

  • Medical Labs

    Keep track of the temperature, humidity, dust and light with high accuracy to protect sensitive samples. Receive notifications when any of the measures values is out of the configured range.

  • Cold Chain and
    Convenience Stores

    Monitor de HVAC systems, keep track of visitors, avoid losses by receiving alerts when a cooler doors is left open or the temperature increases.


  • Light

  • Temperature

  • Motion (PIR)

  • Humidity

  • Vibration

  • Pressure

  • Power, voltage and current

  • Water level

  • Liquid

  • Gases

  • Dust

  • Sound

  • Magnetic

  • Distance

  • Rotation

  • RF

  • Radar


Customization available per request

Any questions?

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